Adult Sex Toys

Adult sex toys


A lot of people still think of adult sex toys as taboo. Or maybe something that you should not have or use. But to tell you the truth, Adult sex toys can change your life? How you might ask?


Well that’s pretty simple. Adult sex toys can increase the passion in your love life. As well, it can help you unlock things in your body mind and soul that you did not know existed.They can also help you relieve stress and there by helping you live longer. And Love longer!


Adult sex toys come in many shapes and sizes. And they are not just dildos. There are so many other sex toys that can be used. Its actually quite amazing at the numbers of them and the different things that they do.


Below you will find some photos and descriptions of some of the toys that we think can help you change your sex life as well as your love life.  They might also help you put that fire back in your marriage.


We do hope that you will take a look. Read about them and then purchase them. These sex toys will do the things for you that you have always wanted to do.  Just take a look below and click on what ever gets your excited.


Sex toys For Men


As you can imagine, sex toys for men take on a different shape than the ones for women. But not to worry, as we will get to those as well. For now the sex toys for men are our topic and we want to start out with one that can help you with two things.


Cock Ring


The Cock ring is a toy that sounds exactly like its name. It’s a ring that goes around your cock and often your balls. The cock ring does a couple of things for you and you may not know. The first thing is that it can increase your cock size.


The way the cock ring works is that it helps to trap the blood in your cock. And the hotter you get the more blood gets pumped into cock. When the blood is trapped in the cock, the cock is bigger and remains that way. The other thing that a cock ring can do is to help slow or prolong the orgasm. Personally I find that it does not stop or slow it. It makes your cock more sensitive. But at the same time, because of the increased size your girl will get a lot more pleasure before you cum.


With the increased size and sensitivity, its amazing and worth the few dollars that they cost. There are multiple kinds and you just need  try a couple different ones to see what will work best for you. Once you have found the right fit, both you and your girl will appreciate them. You can use them every day and wear there twenty four hours a day with no harm. However make sure that you get the correct size. Otherwise you can harm yourself.


Cock Ring
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Cock Pump

Another one of the top selling toys for men is the Cock Pump.


If you don’t know what I cock pump is or how to use it, then keep reading for a basic over view of what it does and how it works.


The simple truth is, that a cock pump is exactly what it sounds like. The device has a couple different parts. The chamber for your cock is made out of high impact plastic or glass. Then there is a tube connecting a small ball or hand pump. The ball or hand pump removes the air from the chamber of the cock pump.


With your cock firmly inside the chamber, the suction pulls the blood into your cock and makes it swell to one or two times its normal erection size.


Now a lot of people will say that this cock pump will make your cock permanently bigger. However there is no proof yet that this is the case. However it will make it bigger for a short period of time. Usually lasting a few hours. If you use the pump in conjunction with a cock ring the results can be quite dramatic. Do use caution with this sex toy as you can actually damage your penis.


Some people even use these pumps to masturbate with. The put their cock under pressure and then add lube to the rubber ring and begin stroking until they orgasm into the chamber. With them being transparent its often quite a turn on to watch as well as to have your girl participate.


Cock pump
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Sex Egg

The last of the top selling adult sex toys is the new famous Sex Egg.


This is just one of those toys that you are going to fall in love with once you have used it. The Sex egg is the perfect adult sex toy. You can use it on yourself or have your girl use it on you. If you just flip it inside out and put her fingers inside she can then use it on herself.


If you are asking what a sex egg is, it is exactly as its name sounds. This adult sex toy is in the shape of an egg with a hole on one end. The inside is lined with ridges or swirls or any number of patterns.


The sex egg is made a a soft silicone and it feels just like the inside of a girls pussy or a trans girls ass. And trust me this will be one of your favorite toys.


Lube your cock and slip it down and then start stroking. Let the egg do the rest. Or like we mentioned you can slip it onto your girls fingers inside out and she can massage her own clit or finger her pussy. She just needs to make sure it does not slip off.


Click right now and get your sex egg or any one of the other top selling adult sex toys and start improving your sex life right now.


Sex Egg
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