Shipyz is the idea of a few people that got tired of paying high prices for things that are made rather cheaply. Think about some of the most popular running shoes on the market. The mark up on them is usually 200 to 300 percent and that is insane. All to keep some people well above all the others.

So we started Shipyz as a way to help you save. For the first users of our site and cost savings options we plan to offer a life time free subscription to our services as we grow. After that Shipyz will be come a member based system like some of the Big Package stores you know so well. And no. We wont cost very much.

Keeping the money in your pocket while helping you to have the nicest things for your home and yourself is simply one of our main goals. Why should you not be able to live like the 1%. Why should you not be able to dress like the 1% but not have to pay the over priced amounts they are willing to.

You can get started saving right now simply by clicking to shop.

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