Micro Thong

Honestly guys this is a topic that you are going to love. It is talking about a micro thong. Do you even know what that is? Yeah I did not as well. But I do now and I have to admit. That I fell in love with the micro thong and ordered 4 of them for my own girlfriend. And wait until you see these things on a girl. Talk about smoking hot and sexy. A micro thong is exactly what its name calls it and its going to become your favorite type of bikini!


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It would seem pretty obvious that the word micro means small. As in Micro scope. A device that lets you see small things. But honestly when you see this bikini its going to make you say wow. Why? Well because micro is not even the word for this bikini! And once you put it on or see your girl wearing it. Well you are going to really understand what micro is. It does not matter what body type or size she has. Its going to fit and leave little to the immigration.


I am sure you know what a thong if. Its the kind of bikini bottom that goes so far between the girls ass cheeks that its amazing and so freaking hot. And this thong is no different than that of any other you have seen. In fact its so small over all you might not be able to wear this in some venues.

If you are into a hot thong bikini, and I am betting that you are. Well you need to buy one of these. This thong bikini is so hot it will turn heads no matter where you are. Simply click on the image below or a text link so that you can buy yours right now. Just put it in your cart and then check out!

Also remember that once you get this micro thong. Send us photos so that we can post them and talk about them and how hot you or your girl are in the hottest thong bikini ever!

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Micro thong
Click the image above to check this bikini out in our online store.

Now that you have found the perfect thong Bikini. Buy it!

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