Sex egg

Do you know what a sex egg is? Well if you don’t you really will want to once you read a little more. This is one of those sex toys that you wont ever want to put down. And once you feel the motion of this ocean on your cock. Well its going to make you explode and shoot your load like you have never before.

The Sex egg is a toy that looks just like its name. It looks like a very soft egg. On the bottom is an opening about 1/4 the width. With just a bit of lotion or lubricant on the head of your cock. You then slip the egg down onto your erect cock. Now grab it in your hand and start stroking. Up and down. And trust me if you last more than just a few minutes its going to be amazing. Click right here right now to buy this Masturbation toy!

Below is an image of what the sex egg looks like. And trust me when I say again. This is the one toy you will never want to put down. Each egg has a different set of shapes inside so that you never get bored masturbating with it.

Sex egg

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