Lingerie or thong bikini

Have you ever seen a product made for a woman and you could not decide if it was lingerie or thong bikini? Or well just something else? I have found a product like that and I wanted to share this with you. =That is because it is just so damn sexy. And I think you will really enjoy this. So take a peek here and also read a bit more about this amazing, sensual and sexy product. Then let us know what you think. Linger or thong bikini? Click here right now to buy yours. –> Hot Bikini


Lingerie is of course a French word and I am sure it means the items worn under clothing. Furthermore it’s usually meant to be sensual and sexy. Today and to most of us Lingerie means an item that is usually never worn out in public. And also an item that is so sexy and maybe slutty that well it just has to be hot! So when thinking about Lingerie I am sure you can almost picture what we have below. And I am guessing that you see this item as amazingly hot. If you like it and think it would look great on your girl. Click the image below and make sure to buy her one in every color. Or click here on this text. —> Sexy in Yellow

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Lingerie or thong bikini

Thong Bikini

On the other hand this is also listed as a thong bikini. And I for one would sure love to see some hot women at the beach wearing this. I also happen to know a couple of trans girls that would look amazing modeling this. Now as for a thong bikini. Well this is amazing. Its not quite a bikini because its all connected. But it sire looks like one from the front and also from the back.

I am also betting that if you put this thong bikini on your girl, well you might have a hard time making it out of the house. This thong bikini is just too damn sexy and I for one would love to see your girls in this with some sexy high heels or boots. Your choice. Just click right now and add this bikini to your basket and then check out and enjoy. Your girl will love you for this purchase.

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