Tight Bikini

Check this out. I have made up a new phrase or at least new description of an older style bikini and I hope that you not only like it but that you use it and repeat the phrase often. The new phrase to use is Tight Bikini and if you keep reading I will explain what it means and why. Trust me you will agree and feel that the phrase is perfect because it is a great description of a tight bikini! Just keep reading.

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By now and weather you are 15 or 50 you should know what a Bikini is. And to who ever invented them we say thank you. A bikini is a type of swimsuit worn by a woman. They have two distinct parts. The top and the bottom. Neither is connected and that is why its called a bikini. And personally I love to go to the beach or a public and see all the different size and shapes of bikini’s on the different girls bodies.

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Tight of course refers to something that does not have much room or space. It is also slang for hot, or sexy or impressive. And once you see what makes this Bikini tight, well then you will completely understand the use of the word, tight bikini! Read on dear friend or click the image below and buy your tight bikini right now.

Tight Bikini

As you can see in the image above. The cloth on the bottom of the triangle that covers the girls breasts has a gather to it. You can spread this out making the triangle bigger. Or you and tighten it up and make that triangle much much smaller. In fact you can make it so tight that if the girl has big areolas on her nipples then you will be able to see them.

But the super hot part is that the bottoms of the bikini will do exactly the same thing on both sides. This means that the front and the back both become very tight. Making the back into a thong, and the front so revealing that you might even see some hot and sexy things. So make sure that you wear your tight bikini the hottest way that you feel comfortable with!
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If you really want to step things up in how you look you can combine your new bikini with high heels or even some hot boots.

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