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Microfiber bedsheets are a popular choice for bedding due to their softness. Also the durability, and easy maintenance. Here are some tips for using and caring for microfiber sheets:

Using Microfiber Sheets:

  • Microfiber bedsheets are known for their soft, smooth texture, making them a comfortable choice for a good night’s sleep.
  • They are also lightweight and breathable, providing a cool and cozy sleeping environment, which is especially beneficial in warmer climates.
  • Microfiber sheets come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to easily match them with your bedroom decor and personal style.

Caring for Microfiber Sheets:

  • Before using your new microfiber bedsheets, it’s essential to wash them to remove any manufacturing residues and to enhance their softness.
  • When washing microfiber sheets, use a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water to prevent damage to the fabric. Avoid using hot water, as it can cause the fabric to wrinkle or shrink.
  • Use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach, as these can break down the fibers and reduce the lifespan of the sheets.
  • To dry microfiber sheets, use a low heat setting or air dry them to prevent damage from high heat. Additionally, avoid over-drying, as it can cause the fabric to become stiff.
  • To maintain the softness and smoothness of microfiber sheets, it’s recommended to wash them separately from items with zippers, buttons, or rough textures that can cause pilling or snagging.

Additional Tips:

  • To keep your microfiber sheets looking their best, it’s a good idea to rotate them with other sets to prolong their lifespan.
  • Regularly check for any stains or spills and spot clean them as soon as possible to prevent them from setting into the fabric.
  • Store your microfiber sheets in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture and mildew from affecting the fabric.

Item Name : Bed Sheets Set 3-pieces or 4-pieces

Fabric : Brushed Polyester Microfiber

Size : Twin / Full / Queen / King / California King

Color : White, Black, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Camel, Burgundy, Brown, Olive Green, Violet, Deep Purple, Beige, Dark Gray

Season : All seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter

Twin (3 pcs) : 1 Flat Sheet 66”×96”(167×243cm), 1 Fitted Sheet 39”×75”(99×190cm), 1 Pillowcase 20”×30”(50×76cm)

Full (4 pcs) : 1 Flat Sheet 81”×96”(205×243cm), 1 Fitted Sheet 54”×75”(137×190cm), 2 Pillowcase 20”×30”(50×76cm)

Queen (4 pcs) : 1 Flat Sheet 90”×102”(228×259cm), 1 Fitted Sheet 60”×80”(152×203cm), 2 Pillowcase 20”×30”(50×76cm)

King (4 pcs) : 1 Flat Sheet 102”×105”(259×266cm), 1 Fitted Sheet 78”×80”(198×203cm), 2 Pillowcase 20”×40”(50×101cm)

Cal King (4 pcs) : 1 Flat Sheet 102”×108”(259×274cm), 1 Fitted Sheet 72”×84”(182×213cm), 2 Pillowcase 20”×40”(50×101cm)

Another thing. Make sure to add at least 3 sets of sheets to your cart. That way you always have a clean set. Also get extra pillows.



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Full, King, Queen, Twin

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