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A rotating USB desktop fan is a versatile and practical device. They have become increasingly popular in workspaces and homes. Also, this compact and portable fan is powered through a USB port. Helping make it convenient to use with laptops, desktop computers, power banks, and other USB-enabled devices. Another thing these are some of the key uses and benefits of a rotating USB desktop fan:

Cooling and Air Circulation:

  • One of the primary purposes of a USB desktop fan is to provide cooling and air circulation in a localized area. Whether you are working at your desk.  Studying, or simply relaxing. The can can also help alleviate discomfort caused by heat and stuffiness.
  • The rotating feature allows the fan to cover a wider area, ensuring that the airflow reaches different parts of the room. This is particularly useful in spaces where traditional stationary fans may not be practical or effective.

Enhanced Comfort and Productivity:

  • By improving air circulation and creating a gentle breeze, the rotating USB desktop fan can contribute to a more comfortable and pleasant environment. This can be especially beneficial during hot weather or in spaces with limited ventilation.
  • Better comfort often leads to enhanced productivity, as individuals are able to focus and work more effectively when they are not distracted by excessive heat or stagnant air.

Portability and Flexibility:

  • Unlike traditional electric fans, a USB desktop fan is highly portable and can be easily moved from one location to another. Its USB power source means that it can be used in various settings, including offices, homes, classrooms, and even outdoor spaces with USB power options.
  • The flexibility of the rotating USB desktop fan makes it a convenient solution for individuals who require personal cooling or air circulation in different environments.

Energy Efficiency and Quiet Operation:

  • USB-powered devices are generally known for their energy efficiency. Also the rotating USB desktop fan is no exception. It consumes minimal power, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly cooling solution.
  • Additionally, many rotating USB desktop fans operate quietly, which is important in environments where excessive noise could be disruptive. This makes them suitable for use in shared workspaces, libraries, and bedrooms.

Multi-Functional Use:

  • Beyond providing cooling and air circulation.  Some rotating USB desktop fans come with additional features such as adjustable speed settings, tilting mechanisms, and built-in LED lights. Also, these features enhance the fan’s versatility and allow users to customize their experience based on their preferences.

Power (W): 5w

Voltage (V): 24V

Air supply mode: Rotary Vane

Power mode: USB

Color: Purple black, macaroon, sapphire blue

Fan blade diameter: 5 inches

Speed control gear: First gear

Product features: USB plug


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dark blue, Orange, Sapphire blue

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